vanT HE A X I S S E T played shows and recorded between January 1999 and April 2000. the axis set was constantine nakassis, lucas carscadden, alex hedstrom, and justin moyer. 

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the axis set. Discography CD. recorded w/ b. mcternan, d. white, & at avatar (basic tracks: 4/00), phase studios (mixed + additional tracking: 4/01) (04/2001)
the axis set . Graduation CDEP tracks 1-4 recorded w/ brian mcternan (10/99), track 5 recorded w/davis white (6/99) (10/1999)
the axis set. Chart in the Sky CDEP. recorded by davis white. (6/1999)

pretourS H O W S
28) a p r i l 9th, 00 in moundsville, wv with killed at camp, gutrench...
27) a p r i l 7th, 00 at the memphis in pittsburg, PA  with irwin, las vegas
26) f e b r u a r y  19th, 00 at the HUB ballroom (PSU) in state college, PA
with best boy electric (ex low), hover, red light, idiot savante-garde
25) j a n u a r y 23rd, 00 at the galaxy hut in arlington, VA
with meatjoy
24) d e c e m b e r 28th, 99 at the black cat, washington dc
with chiaroscuro
23) d e c e m b e r 12th, 99 millvale industrial theatre pittsburg, pa
with torn apart, killed at camp, XsteelcurtainX,
22) d e c e m b e r 11th, 99 Shelly's Anonydyne wheeling, wv
with killed at camp, and irwin.
21) d e c e m b e r 3rd, 99 in washington d.c., @ DCCD records
with the others
20) a u g u s t 22nd, 99 in Washington D.C. @ the black cat
with the nerves (thrill jockey records)
19) a u g u s t 20th, 99 in Pittsburg, PA @ Cool Pepper's Hothouse
with Anxt, Crimson Sweet, and On the Outside
18) a u g u s t 19th, 99 Chicago, IL @ the fireside bowl
with the fla flas (el paso, tx), the buddy revelles, spittlefield, & Julie Dorian and the Wooden Stars
17)a u g u s t 18th, 99 in Milwaukee, IL @ 2805B N. Bremen St.
with three penny opera
16) a u g u s t 17th, 99 Morton, IL @ the optimist club
with a girl named megan
15) a u g u s t 16th, 99 in St. Louis, MO @ Centro Sociale 2700 Macklind St.
with Tok, the Travelling Perverts, Mini Skirt Fetish, and Voglio Capirlo
14) a u g u s t 15th, 99 in Bloomington, IN 602 s. mitchell street
with the march and glasscraft
13) a u g u s t 14th, 99 @ Blue Ash Civic in Blue Ash, OH
with the Maccabees [ex-Pohgoh], Furnace Street, and Brandston
12) a u g u s t 13th, 99 wheeling, WV @ Shelly's Anodyne
with killed at camp, the blue ash solution, and party of helicopters
11) a u g u s t 12th, 99 college park, MD @ UMD radio station
with kids incorporated and the last seconds of...
10)j u l y 24th philadelphia, PA
with this radiant boy (last show with costas on drums)
9) J u l y 18th, 1999 in New Brunswick, NJ
with joshua, lycosa, and five on the floor.
8) J u l y 17th, 1999 @ cafe metropolis in wilkes-barre, pa
with Hover, 7 stars 8
7) J u n e 21st, 1999 @ the galaxy hut 2711 Wilson Blvd. arlington, VA
with Caligari
6) J u n e 17th, 1999 @the black cat in Washington DC
with The French Mistake (from bmore) 1831 14th street NW
5) a p r i l 27th, 1999 @ the Sound Exchange in Ellicot City, MD
with lazy cain, Bugatti Type 35
4) a p r i l  11th, 1999 @ STALAG13 3858 lancaster avenue in Philadelphia, PA
with the jazz june, good clean fun (ex jenhitt), gun it
3) m a r c h  21st, 1999 @ the galaxy hut in arlington, VA 2711 Wilson Blvd.
with 'dick army.'
2) m a r c h  20th, 1999 @ the Resin Records House in Silver Spring, MD 508 Dale Drive Silver Spring, MD
with Durian, TIMINACTION (from NC), Akarso (from Milwaukee), and the amputeens
1) m a r c h  14th, 1999 @ the black cat in Washington, D.C. 1831 14th Street NW DC
with 'the convocation of...' (ex great unravelling, behind closed doors).