experimental electronic video game sometimes-dancey indie pop. if  
that sounds like a good idea to you, then check this out. a study in  
her is mainly a one-man operation executed by multi-instrumentalist,  
constastine nakassis, who takes us down many strange and interesting  
musical avenues throughout the record. it starts off with a few  
chaotic and upbeat numbers that make you want to both dance and play  
tetris. and yes, the idea of that for 11 tracks is a little  
unnerving. but before anything can get stale, the songs calm down a  
bit and nakassis throws in more atmospheric loops and live  
instrumentation. the record actually gets progressively organic,  
especially when you hit songs like track 9, "temple city", with live  
drums and layers of electric and acoustic guitars. and in accordance  
with the music, nakassis' vocals become less busy and aggressive as  
the album progresses. this is particularly satisfying, as the vocals  
being a little tough to listen to on the first few songs is just  
about the only thing that i could really complain about. but that  
seems very miniscule in comparison to all of the interesting melodic  
and dynamic twists and turns that this record takes from start to  
finish. this is very unique music that should definitely be raising a  
lot of eyebrows in the near future.